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All clients value the safety of their personel and reducing costs associated with infrastructure damage caused by cutting and coring of concrete. Our many years of experience and the use of the highest standards of practice help us to meet our clients' goals.

Brian Dietz has been a GPR technician in the Edmonton area for 16 years, having scanned and interpreted over 10 000 images is his career.

Robin Stamer has over 10 years of experience.

As owner-operators, we are very motivated to provide accurate results. We adhere to the highest standards of practice in order to provide the best quality results possible.

About Concrete Imaging By Brian Inc.

How Our Standards of Practice Improve Our Results

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When choosing a quality GPR service provider consider the Standard of Practice. Our first priority for our clients is ensuring a safe cut or core into concrete. We achieve this by using an imaging system, by doing so we add computer analysis as an additional step to the human deductions on the job site. Our in-depth procedures mean we have a lower error rate and are able to provide our clients with more detailed information about what is in the slab.

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GPR Technology

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Standard of Practise

GPR results are dependent on the procedures and equipment used by the Technician. Our technique is to prepare images similar to an x-ray. Grid maps are prepared and scanned to create images. The images are interpreted on a laptop computer. This procedure has been very successful. Other techniques such as mapping with single line scan and connecting the dots is prone to errors.

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Some of our other services include Asphalt Imaging, Asphalt Scanning, Asphalt X-Ray, Block Wall Imaging, Block Wall X-Ray, Tension Cable Location, and Tension Cable Locating.

Serving clients across Sherwood Park, Edmonton, St. Albert, Nisku, and the surrounding areas.