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Standard of Practice

GPR results are dependent on the procedures and equipment used by the Technician. Our technique is to prepare images similar to an x-ray. Grid maps are prepared and scanned to create images. The images are interpreted on a laptop computer. This procedure has been very successful. Other techniques such as mapping with single line scan and connecting the dots is prone to errors.

Block Wall Imaging Edmonton


  • Locate Rebar in Concrete
  • Locate Metal Conduit in Concrete
  • Locate PVC Conduits in Concrete
  • Locate Pipes in Concrete
  • Locate Pre Tensioned Cables in Concrete
  • Locate Post Tension Cables in Concrete
  • Locate Live Power in Concrete
  • Locate Voids in Concrete

GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar) is a technology that allows the contractor to precisely locate reinforcing, electrical conduit, post tension cables, PVC pipes, and measure concrete slab thickness. GPR is a safer and less disruptive than X-Raying. GPR equipment is safe to use around people without any safety constraints or setup requirements. Because of these features, interruption of operations can be eliminated or minimized. The integrated GPR and PCD provide a high level of confidence in the positioning of live power cables

Our other services include, but are not limited to Asphalt Imaging, Asphalt Scanning, Asphalt X-Ray, Block Wall Imaging, Block Wall Scanning, Block Wall X-Ray, Tension Cable Location, and Tension Cable Locating.

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